Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower


Raise your hand if you love buffalo flavored anything!  Wow, I see 17 million hands!  Because I have 17 million followers!  Ok but really, I don't know many people who don't love buffalo sauce.  However, typically it's associated with rich foods like wings or burgers.  Not anymore, my friends, not anymore.  How about a crispy, buffalo VEGETABLE!  Cauliflower!  The hearty florets are lightly coated in a garbanzo bean flour & water batter (which makes them gluten-free, yes?), seasoned with garlic powder and a little salt, baked until crispy, smothered in buffalo sauce and baked some more.  They are so delicious, and would be even better dipped in a Greek-yogurt based blue cheese sauce (last night all I had was ranch on hand, still yummy).  I followed this recipe - enjoy!!


Jenni said...

What's your favorite Greek yogurt sauce recipe?

Jenny Newcomb said...

I hate to be "that person" to ask about substitutions, but i have never used garbanzo flour and am unfamiliar with how it bakes....so not sure if I want to buy it just for a half cup. Do you think I could use AP flour?

Lyndsey Alvarez said...

I'm wondering the same thing!

Siri said...

I totally used AP flour - who has garbanzo flour in their pantry?? Just wanted to be gluten-free-friendly, and honor the original recipe :)

Jenny Newcomb said...

Thanks for responding, Siri! I am making these today!

Lete Tung said...

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