Buffalo Deviled Eggs


Buffalo sauce.  Will you marry me?  I promise to love you forever and I'll always be true, unless brown sugar bacon tempts me and in that case, LATER.  

My friends and I share a love of buffalo anything.  So when I came across a recipe for deviled eggs, I decided to make them for an afternoon pool party.  We were ALL pleased.  They took no time to assemble, and I even got all fancy and piped the yolk mixture into the egg whites using a plain old freezer bag with the end snipped.  You've got to get a little fancy when you're proposing to a sauce, after all.  Recipe here


Lynn @ TheActorsDiet.com said...

do you have a go-to sauce you like???

Krista said...

Love the blog re-design! Looks clean and cute. (sorry if I'm late on this) :)

Linda Bick said...

Yummy... I tried the hard boiled eggs that you can buy at Costco, that would make these super easy !!!


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