Homemade Baby Ruth Bars


I can barely look at this picture without getting upset that these are all gone.  Why didn't I make one trillion??  Probably because I didn't want to gain one trillion pounds.  

As you know, every year at Halloween I like to try and recreate a popular candy at home, and after asking you for suggestions I decided upon Baby Ruth Bars this year!  Are you a fan?  They are very similar to a Snickers bar, actually... how are they different?  In my opinion they're better.  Also, who can forget the famous cameo they made in the movie Caddyshack?  Doody!!!  (Please confess in the comments below if you call poop "doody.")  I found this recipe, and gave it a try.  It seems like a lot of steps, but as long as you have everything prepped ahead of time, it's a relatively simple process.  I layered the nougat (weirdest word ever), caramel and peanuts in an 8x8 baking dish lined with parchment paper and then let that cool in the fridge.  Once the layers were set and hardened, I removed the bars from the dish and cut them into 8 pieces.  I melted the chocolate, and using two forks dipped each bar completely so it fully resembled the candy bar.       




These are BETTER than the real deal.  For real.  Really.  Doody!  (Sorry)

Homemade Halloween Treats


What are you up to this weekend?  I dare you to make ALL of these homemade candies I've attempted over the years.  Ok, or just one.  BUT HOW DO YOU PICK?  They were all so good.  And finally, I leave you with my annual question... what candy should I make this year??

Meaty Quesadilla


We almost always acknowledge Taco Tuesday's, because what else are Tuesday's for?  They aren't for humps, no no no, or for posting old, adorable photos of ourselves on Instagram.  They are for binge eating tacos and nothing else.  But sometimes I get into a taco rut, producing the same old recipe week after week.  That was until my neighbor made these Meaty Quesadillas one SATURDAY (I know, she be crazy), and I lost track of how many I ate.  They are simple, and delicious.  The spices and flavorings lend so much to the meat which is then paired with creamy Monterey Jack cheese, sandwiched in a crisp tortilla and topped with avocado, sour cream and salsa.  It's perfect.  And definitely not too spicy for the kiddos!  My children didn't even notice the green onions.  Success.

Try shaking up your next Tuesday!  I'm a commercial.       

Chicken in Milk


Last week, I had two different people send me this same recipe in one day.  Naturally I was like, fine Universe, FINE, I'll make it.  Especially after reading this article which raved and raved about it.  The recipe?  Roasted chicken cooked in milk.  I was extremely intrigued and slightly disgusted by the idea of it, but the former outweighed the latter and so I gathered up these random ingredients...   

Lemon zest, unpeeled garlic cloves, sage, whole milk and a cinnamon stick.  The recipe comes from chef Jamie Oliver, who claims the combination of ingredients form the most flavorsome sauce.  Actually he puts a 'u' in the word "flavorsome" because he's a silly Brit!  The only adjustment I made was suggested by this article, and that was to cover the chicken for 3/4 of the cooking time. 

So, what did I think?  Was it the best chicken recipe of all time?  Eh...

Listen, it was GOOD.  I loved squeezing out the sweet, roasted garlic, smothering it over the chicken, and dipping it all in the sauce.  But was it the most flavorsome sauce of all time?  That's a bold claim and I wasn't buying it.  However, if you're looking for something unique and tasty that's very simple to throw together... make this chicken!  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.  (We should form a "food club" not unlike a "book club" where we try out recipes and then talk about them while eating ON TOP of discussing food.  Nobody ever reads the book anyway...)  

Creamy Potato Soup


I'm sitting here, staring at the crescent moon-shaped shadow in that bowl of soup, listening to my toddler talk to her stuffed animals through the baby monitor when she should be napping, in an other wise quiet house, feeling stuffed to the brim from the Shake Shack I just devoured, and wondering where on earth I'm going with this post... I'm tired.  And guess what?  Twice this week my 7-week old slept through the night!  But both times another kid woke up instead, because it's illegal for moms to have uninterrupted sleep.  There are things on my to-do list.  THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS ON MY TO-DO LIST.  But all I want to do is drink beer and organize my sons legos in the Container Store bins I just purchased.  I want to color-coordinate them and group them by size and shape and that's just absolutely absurd, Siri.  Instead, I will tell you about this potato soup that you should make, because it was creamy and delicious, especially when topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and chives.      

Click here for the recipe, and enjoy your weekends!

Pumpkin Bread (with Chocolate Chips)


Why do I put chocolate chips in everything?  Why?  WHY?  It's a reflex at this point.  I don't think my brain consciously decides to anymore.  My arm just goes for the chocolate chips, my fingers rip open the bag, and I pour.  It's a sickness, really.  You should feel bad for me, and pray.  Why can't my robot arms reach for nuts, or raisins (yuck)?  How long am I going to talk about this today?

Moving on... a friend sent me this recipe for pumpkin bread, claiming it one of her favorites because of its moistness and simplicity.  It is simple and IT IS DELICIOUS.  Even though somehow chocolate chips ended up in my bread.  No idea how (help).    

Jello Cookies


My little boy had a temperature yesterday, and he overheard the doctor telling us that she lets her own kids "cook" when their fever is low enough.  When we got home, he started asking me what he could make in the kitchen.  It was right before dinner, so I told him it wasn't the best time, until he insisted that the doctor wanted him to COOK.  Um, adorable!  How do you say no to that?  So we jumped on Pinterest and searched for kid cookie ideas.  He picked these Jello Cookies, and I happened to have every ingredient on hand (because my kitchen is a goddamn bakery).  If you ever wonder if everything on Pinterest is as easy and adorable as it looks, the answer is NO.  I couldn't get this dough to come together.  Even after adding milk, it was a crumbly mess.  But I was able to make 5 cookies out of it and Jack was happy, therefore, I'll categorize this as a success (let's pretend that the dinner I was planning on making wasn't totally neglected and I didn't order pizza instead).         

By the way, the lovely people at Alpha Grillers felt badly that they couldn't give ALL of you a Garlic Press & Peeler Set, so they're offering everyone 10% off should you want to buy one on Amazon!  Just use the code SIRIGP10, which is valid between now and December 24th.


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