Buffalo Chicken Chili


I've never been a huge football fan, or I guess I should say, I just don't understand the sport.  I've had a countless number of guys (and a girl) try to explain the rules to me and they go in one ear and out the other.  I'm the fairest of fair weather fans, flip flopping all over the place between my home state team (Vikings), my college state team (Green Bay), my current state's team (Jets) or my man's team (Raider's).  However, I love hearing and seeing it on the TV, because it goes very well with a cozy fire, a dark beer and a bowl of chili.  Like this chili!  This ridiculously tasty and HEALTHY chili.  

Joy Bauer, the Nutrition and Health Expert for the Today Show, is quickly becoming my favorite source for quick, easy and healthy dinners (she was also the genius behind these).  I am a HUGE fan of anything buffalo, which usually translates into mucho calories.  However, Joy was able to take the flavor of everyone's favorite buffalo wings and transform it into a savory bowl of chili.  It's ground chicken, veggies (I added some onions along with the carrots and celery) with a broth of vegetable juice, mixed together with spices and your favorite hot sauce and topped with a creamy whipped mixture of greek yogurt and blue cheese.  SO GOOD!  You can make the whole thing in 30 minutes, however I chose to throw everything in the crock pot and let it simmer for 4 hours on high.         

Make this!  Perfect for that big football game next week.  Recipe here.

*We also added Terra Stix for a crunchy topping.


Joy said...

Truly honored! And thanks for making my dish look so darn beautiful. What are you whipping up tonight....and what time shall I come over?!? xx

Linda said...

Mmmmmm........ I love chicken chili!! Definitely making!

ljrbjc said...

This looks amazing. Our house has been a sick infested $&@*hole these past 2 weeks but I will make this soon! My husband will love it. And I only just watched your Rachel Ray episode! Amazing! Great job'

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Spicy !!But delicious!

obat asam urat said...

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