Healthy Burger Toppings


We eat a lot of burgers in our house, especially in the summer.  Turkey burgers (here & here), chicken burgers (here & here & here), veggie burgers (here & here), fish burgers (here) or your classic and DELICIOUS beef burger.  And while I see nothing wrong with topping these burgers with cheese, bacon or onions and mushrooms (sautéed in butter, obviously), I thought I'd change it up a bit and search for healthier and more unique alternatives.

Instead of lettuce, try chopped bok choy sautéed in garlic.  Instead of pickles, try lightly sautéed yellow squash or zucchini.  It's almost impossible for me to eat a burger without tomatoes and avocado, so I had to include those.  But other ideas: roasted red peppers, pickled carrots or crispy kale.  And instead of basic ketchup and mustard, I tried out two different greek yogurt toppings: one with a dash of sriracha and the other with lime juice and lime zest.  Also, the vessel?  One half of a toasted English muffin instead of a bun.  Not exactly easy to eat, but delicious nonetheless.   

Doesn't that look pretty?  All assembled and ready to eat, yes?!  Well SECONDS after this photo was shot, this happened...

The glamorous life of a food blogger... always in a rush to photograph your food and then EAT it.  Oh, and don't worry, I put it all back on my plate and did just that.  Judge away!


Anonymous said...

Love this (especially the dropped shot, later eaten) and all your posts. I'm a long time reader and am so happy the TODAY world has increased the crowd that gets to share in this. You deserve it. This also reminded me that I wanted to try those lentil and mushroom burgers from your previous experiment! Thanks again for taking the time to share your creations and spirited, open writing.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know how I arrived here:

I'm a Howard Stern fan, but have fallen far behind in listening to episodes. I'm currently listening to the show from May 11, 2015; on that day, Jimmy Kimmel sat in as a guest co-host. Your husband's name came up, and then yours, and ultimately Jimmy mentioned that you have a food blog. I googled your blog, and the first picture I saw displayed was a sliced cross-section of a pitted avocado.

Now, as an avocado addict, I must ask how you accomplished this feat of avocado slicing: keeping the "pit hole" intact, while still managing to produce a full slice. I've never seen this done.



yung@foodyoo.com said...

For burger, I like eggs, pineapple and caramelize onion, of course, avocado is one of my favorites too. For sauce, I like to add some honey. :)

Jenifer Garcia said...

Lucky you! When I drop food I swiftly get pushed aside by one of the 3 hounds that allow me access to their home.

Can't wait to try this. Sounds delish!


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