And ANOTHER Chocolate Chip Cookie



I baked another chocolate chip cookie.

You've heard me go on and on about chocolate chip cookies on this blog... about how many recipes I've tried and will continue to try if the slightest variation in technique or ingredients exist.  You could be like, O-M-G Siri, you've got to try this new cookie... the secret is after you cream the butter and sugar together you take off your clothes and dance naked around your kitchen... no for real, it makes the cookies SO MUCH BETTER.  And I would test that out, oh yes, I would.     

So when I came across this recipe which has one very small and unusual step, I decided to experiment.  What is that step?  Browning butter - which I've done plenty of times, not unusual - and whisking in an ice cube at the very end.  Wha?!?  An ice cube??  Had to try it!!  You also add the brown sugar at a separate time than the granulated sugar... HOW DIFFERENT!  Do you see why I had to bake a batch?  The results were delicious.  I don't know if the ice cube did anything other than immediately cool down the butter, but the nutty, toffy-like flavor that browning butter offers was very strong.  They also tasted less sugary than a lot of cookies I've tried, which I kind of enjoyed.

Ok, off to dance naked around my kitchen.

More about cookies here and here.


Kari Buck said...

Have you tried this recipe? http://forme-foryou.com/2011/08/the-only-chocolate-chip-cookie-i-will-ever-need-to-know-how-to-make-for-the-rest-of-my-life.html

I'd love to know your thoughts.

Linda said...

lol!!! ANOTHER chocolate cookie!!! Haha I love it! It sounds great.... The last giant one serving cookie you posted I sent to, my daughter Leila she immediately made it! Then emailed me back, cursing the deliciousness. She cooked part and ate the rest raw 😂!!!!

ljrbjc said...

Another ridiculously delicious looking cookie! I will make them. It's back to school and Mommy needs dessert. I mean, my son needs dessert.

Riya Singh said...

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Riya Singh said...

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