Memorial Day Weekend


Back from LA.  Tired, jet lagged, pregnant, small kids, etc.  
But!  Here are some ideas for your Memorial Day Weekend!  Cheers!  


Anonymous said...

Yay ! The corn on the cob cupcakes are my favorite image/recipe ever posted on the blog since I've been following your - so great to see them (and the flag cake) again!

Lauren Brewer said...

Ditto yay! I love the corn on the cob cupcakes, buffalo chicken burgers and the flag cake. We'll be away this weekend but I'll make the flag cake for 4th of July! Have a great weekend!

tara said...

Those buttered corn cupcakes get me every time, even though I know they're cupcakes. I seriously went, "Man that corn on the cob looks good. Oh wait, those are cupcakes, idiot."

PS: I'm so sorry I missed the moving transition. Please forgive me!

Angel Taylor said...

Everything looks amazing! my mouth is watering already


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