Crock Pot Ribs


Want to impress everyone you know?  I mean it, absolutely everyone you know in the world, minus maybe your vegetarian friends, but even they will be impressed because they secretly want to eat ribs too.  I know I often push that something is very easy to do, but these ribs, they are SO EXTREMELY SIMPLE.  A child could make these, no really, go get your child and I'll explain...

Child?  H e l l o  c h i l d!!!  Ok, have your mommy go get the crock pot, because it might be heavy for your iddy biddy arms.  Now Child, you can do this part, spray the pot with cooking spray, all over the bottom and sides (I like to use the olive oil kind).  Now, take a rack of pork ribs from the grocery store - what?  Pork comes from pigs.  Yes, pigs.  Yes, like Wilber.  Are you crying??  Ok, make your mommy come back and p.s. bacon comes from pigs too.

Cut the ribs into 3 or 4 slabs and generously season with salt and pepper.  Ok, here comes the most important part... you can not layer the ribs.  The skin must be touching the bottom and sides of the crock pot.  If you're making this for a large group, I recommend borrowing extra crock pots.  If you don't want to listen to me, and you do end up layering them, the result will still be tasty but you won't get that crispy exterior which is to die for.     

That's all you do.  Cooking spray, ribs, salt and pepper.  I like to cook mine on high for half the time and low for half the time - between 6 and 8 hours.  Just keep and eye on them, and when they start to fall off the bone yet have that crispy exterior, they're done.  

You can serve with your favorite BBQ sauce, but they don't need it.  We eat these plain.  They are succulent and moist and juicy and crispy all at the same time.  Now off you go, impress your friends, and I'm sorry I scarred your child for life.  


tara said...

HAhah I love you Siri, you are hilarious.

These look delicious and easy and okay I will make them.

Silvia G said...

"I like to cook mine on high for half the time and low for half the time - between 6 and 8 hours"

Um, what? Please just tell me which?! I want to make them this weekend. I'm from Canada, weekends here start Friday evenings eh?

I hope you respond.. oh and I love you too.

Silvia G (my facebook name that "likes" your facebook page.. you should totes friend request me)

Siri said...

Silvia - you're funny : )

After 6 hours, check them, if they are falling off the bone, crispy on the outside and taste done, then they're ready! Sorry, I can't really remember how long I cooked mine for!

Silvia G said...

Siri- as are you *curtsey*

Was it 6 hours on low or high?
Also, on a scale of 1-10 how much are my questions annoying you? Be honest.

PS. pretty awesome you replied.

PeePeeS. I await your friend request.

PeePeeSS?. You inspired me to start my own blog... i've only posted 2 in 2 months :(( Life happens, but I plan to get back to it soon :))

again, 1-10?

Silvia G said...

Me again...
I read the cooking instructions over and over and over (and over) to try to understand what you were saying, which is when I decided to ask.

I just re-read it again and finally get it.

I apologize profusely. *hangs head in shame*

Thanks again :^))))

Siri said...

I would read your blog, Silvia.

Julie said...

I think you just solved my Easter dinner dilemma. :) We had a traditional ham with my family last weekend and don't want to make that again. And who doesn't love ribs? We tend to go a little less traditional in our own home for Easter anyway. Thank you.

You were wonderful on the Today show by the way. Congrats.

Andrea Robinson said...

I made these today and they are amazing. I think my crockpot cooks hotter than most, so they took less than 4 hours on a combo of high & low.

Instead of just putting S&P on them before cooking I sprinkled this Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning (that I put on just about any meat I'm slow roasting these days) on the ribs. http://www.food.com/recipe/tony-chacheres-creole-seasoning-copycat-500434

At the end of cooking I removed most of the grease from the crockpot with a baster and poured this homemade BBQ sauce over the top.http://danaraefoodcreations.blogspot.com/2011/12/homemade-bbq-sauce-1-cup-brown-sugar-12.html?m=1

They're now on 'warm' and dinner can't come soon enough! I took a little nibble and they're irresistible!


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