S'mores Cake


Remember S'mores Cookies and S'more Cookie Bars and my sister's S'more Pops?  Well now I present you with S'Mores Cake.  Thank you Food Network for this recipe.  I was convinced it would be an overly sweet monstrosity but it was not!  The bittersweet chocolate ganache certainly helped, and I also went with 3 layers instead of 4.  Tip: definitely microwave the marshmallow fluff for 10 seconds (no more than that or it will explode!) to make it easier to spread.  And don't worry about the presentation of the cake - s'mores are supposed to be a gooey, sticky mess of deliciousness.  Also, it's even better the next day.  I used a boxed chocolate cake, by the way, so go ahead and judge me.  Make this!!  The perfect way to end the summer.


tara said...

I love pretty much anything s'mores. This is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer! I'm glad you specified about it not being to sweet-just looking at it made me want a glass of milk to go with it!

Linda Bick said...

S'mores are the best, they bring us back to our childhood and our first one. This looks amazing, and who cares if you used a box mix!!!


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