Giveaway Winner + Painted Rocks


Many of you have been asking about these painted rocks I keep babbling on about.  Well, here they are.  I'm making a collection to put in a bowl on my coffee table.  I'm really enjoying myself!  Maybe I'll turn this into a Rock Painting Blog!?  No, that won't happen.  But if you find yourself with some time and some rocks, I highly recommend partaking in the activity.  

Now, the winner of the Stretch Island Fruit and ips Giveaway is... Jordan (comment #44), Jordan please email me (at the top under 'Contact') your mailing address!  Thank you all for playing, there will be another giveaway later on this week : )


Deb said...

Those look professional!

tara said...

Okay what? Those are the most awesome looking painted rocks ever! Seriously. Too bad pet rocks went out of style because you could make a killing!

Cindy said...

I thought it said that you were giving away your painted rocks and I got so excited. Love the anchor and the crab. They are very cool.


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