Siriously? I'm Serious: You Know You Write a Food Blog When...


I'm not feeling very well, and I didn't even cook last night. So you know what that means? A blog about nonsense! Don't worry, I'm about to make a Coconut Cake that I'll post when my son's sleeping. But for now, nonsense. Since some of my readers write their own wonderful food blogs, I thought I would devote this edition of Siriously? I'm Serious to them. Finish this sentence: You know you write a food blog when...

1. Your boyfriend is starving, and more than ready for dinner, especially when the plate is put directly in front of him, and yet you make him wait until you get a picture of the food that you're happy with. Did you eat some rice?! UGH, hold on, now I have to get more for your plate. DON'T TOUCH YOUR DINNER UNTIL I SAY SO!

2. You forget that the word "seriously" is not spelled with your name in it. YET. (I'll get you Merriam Webster...)

3. The people at the grocery store know you, and your family. I guess I should start promoting my blog there?

4. It irritates you to cook repeat dinners. Even if it's your favorite meal to eat. Because then you won't have anything new to write about in the morning. So you make two dinners. And this is when you know you have a problem, I mean, write a food blog.

5. In bed at night, instead of saying your prayers or counting sheep, you write blogs in your head. Like this one.

*So food bloggers (and food blog readers), feel free to add onto the list...

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Andrea said...

LOL so true!! I esp. like the repeat dinners (my bane!) and the promoting of self at the grocery store. I've contemplated it, for sure!

Ok you know you're a food blogger when you yell at your spouse and daughter for eating the bananas that you set aside to make banana bread that a reader requested. Except you forgot to tell the family that the bananas were off limits.

Going out to eat basically means looking for new blog/recipe ideas, and knowing you can make them better at home :)

Jenn said...

Ok.. I hate repeat dinners, but I love them so much!! UGH!!! That's why every once in a while I'll get ahead of myself in the posts and then I can take a night off with no regrets!! And yes, poor Chris doesn't have to wait to eat his dinner, but there are so many nights that by the time I actually sit down to eat, he's done and washing his dishes!! lol

Poppies and Sunshine said...

This is great! Even though I don't write about food, I can apply some to my blog. This made me laugh!

Nicole said...

Just started a food blog...wondering if this is what I have to look forward to?! :)

Ashleigh said...

When you have a panic attack at the thought of blogspot vanishing one day. Along with your recipes, photos, hopes and dreams... siriously, hopes....and dreams....sad.

Your new camera looks fun and great. Yay!!

Rose said...

my favorite one is the "two dinners" bit. i'm no food blogger, but it was still a funny post :)


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