Something is wrong with me.


Last night I made two dinners. Made and ate TWO dinners. Two dinners, for two people. Should I write "two dinners" again? Two dinners.

In the morning time, I thought, well of course we will just eat leftovers for dinner. There was plenty of corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and bread in the fridge. Enough to make more than two dinners.

But as the day went on, this woman, who lives in my brain, would not shut up.

Siri! She yelled. That's not enough to feed you and your man!

But, I stuttered, there's so much meat... and crispy potatoes...

Have you gone mental?? You need another entree! Something new! Something fried in olive oil! Something you spend money on! I'm hungry! I'm hungry! I want to eat a table!

Shhhhsssss sstop shut up okay!!!!

So I went out and bought boneless, skin-on chicken breasts, pan fried them in olive oil, baked them in the oven until juicy, and served it with roasted garlic and fried thyme. Served with a side of corned beef and cabbage. Okay.


Linda said...

LOL you will never look like that woman !!!!


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