Thanks for the nice comments on my SECOND (what?!) Today Show appearance.  It's such a fun, surreal experience to be a tiny part of a show I've watched since I was a kid.  For your informations, I wasn't trying to scold Mr. Roker for touching the bacon.  Would I ever scold anyone for touching bacon???  No, I was yelling at Carson who was touching the hot pan with his fingers, and they just happened to zoom in on Al at the same moment.  Oh, the silly magic of television.  

In case you missed the segment, you can view it here (and my first appearance here).

We are back from NY, we are back from DC, and I will try to cook something ASAP.  


Anonymous said...

great job girl! you are a natural :))

Katie said...

Loved the segment! Where is your shirt from? It's fabulous.

tara said...

You were so cute! And I totally cracked up at you accidentally telling Al Roker not to touch. Hahaha.

Totally impressed by your rhyming capabilities. Please make a food rap, kthx.

RB said...

You did great! My favorite part was you reprimanding Carson.

TILTE said...

Omg, it totally sounds like you got Al Roker in check. They should have fixed that in post-editing.

I really want to try this recipe. Looks like an easy crowd-pleaser.

Eden said...

You did a fantastic job! I'm going to try that recipe. Can you give me more ideas for 4 ingredient dinners?! Haha!!

Anonymous said...

This recipe is amazing! Can't wait for the leftovers tomorrow!
BTW, was your dad in Italy last week? Specifically, Siena on Friday? I swear I saw him or his twin at a café.

Love your blog...


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