Light(ish) Onion Dip


Are you able to avoid chips and onion dip at a party?  How?  How do you do that?  Are you a human being?  Do you have taste buds?  Teach me.  Learn me the ways to STEP AWAY FROM THIS STUFF.  If I see it, I'm like "chip, dip, bite, chip, dip, bite" for 32 minutes straight.  And then I'm like, "ugggghhhhh fullllllllll."  But, it's fine, I've accepted my absurd love of food and I'm never going to change my ways.  What I can alter, however, is the amount of calories my favorite snacks have.  A light(ish) onion dip with greek yogurt and low-fat sour cream!  Tastes exactly the same as the full-fat all sour cream version.  And makes me feel less like a cow.  Try it!!    

Light(ish) French Onion Dip

8 oz. Greek yogurt
8 oz. low-fat sour cream
1 pkg. onion soup mix

Combine all in a bowl, stir and serve.  With reduced-fat Ruffles, of course.  


Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche said...

I'm definitely one of the people who can't stop once I've started! I admire your attempt to make this dip a little lighter though - I recently posted an onion dip recipe that had ADDED FETA haha, obviously wasn't attempting to make that one lighter ;)

tara said...

Ohhhhh god onion dip!! I definitely can't walk away from onion dip.

Anonymous said...

ok, thats lite-ish...here is super heavy-bloated all night, but men LOVE it.
Ghetto Dip
Block of cream cheese
bag of sharpest Cheddar
Can of Beanless Chili

Anonymous said...

Saw on Today show - but doesn't seem like any new blog posts. How often does this blog publish recipes? Maybe not very active?

Lynne Knowlton said...

I am so in love with you right now. Like chip dip. I love that too. Thanks for the sorta healthy version. YUM.

*pops open a bag of low fat ruffles* :)

Lynne x


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