Tune in!


Remember this?

They invited me back!!

Watch TODAY on Friday during the 9am hour - I can't reveal too much but there will be food, drinks, music and me hopefully not embarrassing myself! 


Diane said...

good luck! you'll do great! :)

Emily said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations - you will be great.

We are loving watching Carson on the Today show. My husband, 10 year-old daughter and I are major Voice fans and I love your blog. We also happen to have a 9 year-old named Carson (but he's named after my grandma's maiden name.) Setting the DVR for Friday now!

Lil said...

Glad to hear it - you were so natural and real last time out.

RB said...

Looking forward to it!

Lisa M said...

You did great! Congrats

Linda Bick said...

Turning on the T.V. In 30 min... Good luck!!!

BoNanZa said...

Great job :) We're going to try the chicken and skip Carson's drink - he had us at shots of tequila!

Kevin and Erin McLaughlin said...

Chicago cut out to local coverage of the Blackhawks celebration. Can you post it???


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