Egg Salad and Pancetta on English Muffins


Egg McMuffin Schmegg SchmcSchmuffin.  (Did you say that out loud?  Did you sort of think you sounded like Sean Connery?  Do you feel embarrassed now?  There, there.)  Who needs fast food breakfast when you can whip this delicious concoction together!?  It's so easy, even Sean Connery can do it (I know that Bond has many talents but do you EVER see him cook?).  English muffins, a leeeeeedle bit of butter, egg salad and crispy baked pancetta (or bacon, whatevs).  I HIGHLY recommend you go to M Street Kitchen if you're ever in the LA area and pick up their Homemade English Muffins.  They're the stuff love songs are written about.            

*A reeeeeally old post on how to hard boil eggs.


LuRuSo said...

Just visited M Street and we ate our weight in baked goods (plus, took some for the road). Yum yum.

Amber H. said...

I am adding this to the list to try! Looks so good & I love easy breakfast ideas. I actually "hard boiled" our eggs in the oven this Easter. I think I liked it even better and I only diced two up to top a salad but the yolks were all perfectly centered! I did 325 for about 25 minutes in the Demarle at Home Egg tray but a muffin pan would work too (as seen on Pinterest) You should try it next time and then blog it! :)

tara said...

Nice! This looks good!!

Except I really didn't like the Schmegg part because it sounded too much like smegma and I HATE that word. Because that word is disgusting.:)


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