Eggs 101


Would anyone like to know how to boil an egg?

Not all my blogs are going to be good, geez, give me a break!

Anyway, I've ruined many a hard boiled egg. You go to peel it and half the white comes with it. Infuriating. But, there is a fool poof way to do it, my friends! Here's how...

Place eggs in pot, make sure to completely immerse in water. Bring to a rolling boil. Cover, turn OFF heat, and let sit for exactly 15 minutes. Then, pour eggs in cold water to stop the cooking process. Let sit until ready to peel. The end.

This morning, my son had a chopped up hard boiled egg and I had this:

Sourdough toast, a little bit of butter, sliced egg and a sprinkle of salt. Tasty.


Hannah said...

That's not how I boil an egg AT ALL. Did you steal my hard boiled egg on toast breakfast? I eat that all the time and it's my favorite thing of life.

Siri said...

Yes, I meant to give you credit. And then I didn't.

Mark said...

I taught you all how to boil eggs....I am the egg-man.

Gretchen said...

Oh, no. Your MOTHER taught you that specific method of boiling an egg. Fess up!

Siri said...

It appears I have created a forum for my parents to fight. Over eggs. You both taught me everything I know. Happy?


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