Soft Boiled Egg


Let's talk about the movie Silver Linings Playbook for a second.  Have you seen it?  It's great, with really incredible characters.  One of my favorites is the mom, this sweet lady surrounded by neurotic men.  Every Sunday she makes something called "Crabby Snacks and Homemades."  Crabby Snacks I can sort of envision but what the heck is a "Homemade"??  I don't think I even want to know, I love it. I want to be that mom.  I want my kids to RUN home for Homemades, at any age.  I want to be famous for them.  I want their spouses one day to feel inferior because they can't make them quite like me.  

Ok that might be a little evil.  I swear I'll make a nice mother-in-law.  But it would bring me pure (evil) joy to be able to pass down certain tricks, like Homemades, or like this perfectly soft-boiled egg.  I can't take credit for figuring it out, this blog can.  I'm telling you, it's easy.  And once you've finished, if you don't immediately break it apart over avocado toast, you're a mental person.  Just like in the movie.

(Also, remember Avocado and Egg Pizza?)     


Linda said...

That is such a cool way to cook the eggs... Roger loves his eggs this way, me too! I will definitely be doing this. I just need to get some avocados first!! I also now need to see the movie, and a few others...after watching all the trailers in the link!

Georgia Pinter said...

gaahhhh my favorite

tara said...

I love soft boiled eggs. It's the only way I really like eggs (or poached). And avocado toast? Mmmmm

I totally want to be known for some dish too. I'm always so jealous when people have their dish.

Kim G. said...

My mom always made soft boiled eggs for us when we were little and didn't feel good. Great comfort food for me! Love it~

Audra said...

Siri this is so funny because I TOTALLY feel inadequate to my Mother-in-Law's cooking. Andy prefers her classic recipes for sure.

But I obviously want to be the same Mother-in-Law. ahah.

PS- I totally wondered what homemades were. Love it.

Gretchen said...

I don't think I can claim my own homemade ...but I'll be the grandma who shows up for yours
on game day!


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