Just a couple of cookies.


I have been known to bake an entire batch of cookies from scratch at 8pm (midnight in my world) just because I want one cookie.  That's clinically insane behavior.  But, as you should know, when you get a craving for a freshly baked cookie, you have to do something about it.  Otherwise you'll go to bed and have dreams about drowning in a pool of chocolate chips which seems heavenly only you're not allowed to eat even one instead you inhale them through your nose so you can't breath and also there are worms and also you're wearing a scrunchy.  

Nightmare stuff.  

This is why I was so excited to find a recipe via A Cup of Jo for just TWO chocolate chip cookies.  Just TWO!  I actually stretched it and made three, but you get the idea.  The batter comes together in minutes, one bowl, one spoon.  Easy enough for your almost-four-year-old to help with.  Almost 4!  


Natalie said...

Are you in my head? Last night I I wanted a recipe just like this. But since i was too lazy to use Google (and didn't want to have a full batch of cookies sitting around), I went to bed with dreams of chocolate chip cookies. THANK YOU!

tara said...


Your dream montage made me crack up. Wearing a scrunchy in a dream is definitely nightmare territory!

AmyGreer said...

I love/hate you for sharing this. I must have this now. NOW!

Sandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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