Avocado Toast


Over the weekend I had breakfast at Swingers, a popular LA diner. If you've never been there, you'll probably remember it as the spot an awkward Seth Rogan took Katherine Heigl the morning after they made a baby...

Anyhoozers. It's a good restaurant, I like it. And even more now after my random breakfast order this weekend: Avocado Toast. It was described on the menu as thick, multi-grain toast, olive oil, sliced avocado, lemon, kosher salt and chili flakes. What? I had to try, and was very pleased with myself when the waitress told us it was the best thing on the menu. She wasn't wrong. It was so delicious. The toast had just enough crunch, it was smothered with bright avocado, fresh lemon juice, a sprinkle of salt - always necessary with avocado - and the chili flakes offered this wonderful heat.

I knew I had to recreate it as soon as I got home, and that I did. The easiest thing to make, and would be great as an appetizer. Your friends would say, wow, you're cool because you made this.


Anonymous said...

YES! i often sing the praises of avocado toast. i have it every other morning for breakfast, alternating with almond butter toast. yes, i'm predictable.

iamchasingthirty said...

YUM. I am so trying this. Btw Ari and I went to Swingers (hwood) like 10 times in the weeks leading up to baby. Next time you go (for lunch) get the chopped cobb and a cup of tortilla soup. Tis good.

Anonymous said...

If you like avocado toast for breakfast you might like this breakfast sandwich: whole wheat english muffin topped with swiss cheese, poached egg, avocado, olive oil and cherry tomatoes on the side. This is supposed to be a belly fat buster and so good.


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