Strawberry Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Confession: Katy Perry gave me a box of cake mix.
Another confession: That's not true at all.
One more confession: It's sort of true.  The radio station Carson works at got a bag of Katy Perry promotional stuff, like pink glittery beach balls and strawberry cake mix.  Get it?  Pink stuff.  She's girly.  (I don't know.)  And one day I was at the station and I took it, because it was just sitting there, and cake mix shouldn't sit at radio stations.  So you see?  Katy Perry gave me a box of cake mix.

This was a loooooooong time ago, and the cake mix just sat in my pantry.  Because what does one do with strawberry cake mix?  And then I saw these cookies.  Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies?!  WTF?!  Yes.  Yes, they needed to be made.  Made them, I did (said Yoda).  And you know what made them outstanding?  Strawberry cake mix.  Thanks Katy Perry, you're a firework.      


Sarah said...

You are a cake mix magician. Your talent knows no bounds. Neither does my self control. I will be making these tonight. Even though it's a school night and I don't have the time.

Sara Struckman said...

I used to have all sorts of motivation to make some of what you post here. Now I just read for the witty commentary. Thanks for the smiles!

tara said...

Those look so amazing, and Katy Perry totally gave you cake mix.

Jordana F. said...

This makes me want to cook something. You did this.

Linda said...

I want one !!!


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