Christmas Cookie Ideas


If you're like me, you love to gift cookies this time of year (how cute are these tags?).  Because it's a nice thing to do but, let's be real, it's also an excuse to bake every single day for an entire month.  What do you mean having fudge and peanut butter balls and gingerbread men and truffles and (fill in the blank with 8 more things) is too much to have around the house THEY ARE GIFTS FOR PEOPLE YOU MONSTER.  See, win-win.  You get to bake, you get to eat, you get to gift.  Here are some of my favorites from last year - and please look forward to my month of December madness coming up...

cranberry pistachio cookies

peppermint meringues

chewy ginger cookies

christmas chocolate chip cookies

homemade almond roca

bittersweet chocolate fudge with sea salt


tara said...

oh man those look good. the peppermint meringues are beautiful! and the chewy ginger cookies like amazing.

can't wait for december! i wish there were virtual cookie gifts...

Eleanor said...

Cookies are one of my favorite parts of christmas. Cooking them and eating them!

Linda said...

Yummy... I can't wait for this years posts !!!! ­čśŤ


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