Chewy Ginger Cookies


If you want to plan an intervention, you can, but I don't think "baking too many Christmas cookies" requires professional help, do you?  Maybe.  Maybe I think so too.  Because on Sunday, I only left the kitchen once and that was to buy a mailbox at a hardware store.  Did you know they sell mailboxes at hardware stores?  Did you know they're not cheap?  What am I even talking about?  

THESE COOKIES.  They are so good.  I wouldn't plan an intervention if you ate all of them in one sitting.  And guess what - I didn't even have fresh ginger and they're STILL superb.  I rolled mine in sanding sugar before baking for that sparkly effect you see above.  This crystalized ginger adds to that too...  

Intervention schminterwention.


Eowyn said...

Real ginger. This is the one I have been waiting for!


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