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It's becoming increasingly difficult to cook dinner with my nearly-two-year-old son tugging at my jeans saying, "Mama, Up, Mama, Up, Mama, Carry You, Mama, Carry You." For awhile the tupperware drawer served as an excellent distraction but now he's all, "BORING." I thought he might have fun sprinkling some salt in last night's dinner until "sprinkling" turned into A HANDFUL and his toe came waa-aaa-aaay to close to hitting the burner (bad mama).

So. Now I have to spend even more of precious nap time prepping for dinner. Like so...

Chopping and chopping and tupperware and tupperware. Makes dinner time cooking MUCH easier.

Last night I made one of my old favorites, Meat Ragu with Spaghetti Squash, using ground turkey instead of beef. That recipe was created pre-Leica camera and dear lord there's a difference in photo quality. So here are some NEW photos. Me likey my Leica : )


Virginia said...

I'm sorry to inform you that at 3 and a half, my son still does the same thing. Only he says "Hold you, hold you."
You're smart. I need to prep more. It does make a difference, and I think when bed time actually comes around, I'll be less crabby because the crab will start after dinner instead of before. Shorter incubation, shorter duration. Thanks!

Lisa R said...

I have a two year old and when I need him out of my hair I stick him in his highchair and let him play with playdough. Keeps him busy and contained. Hope that helps!!


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