A Wonderful Thing.


American cheese on a Saltine cracker...

If you judge me I'll tell everyone about the time you put Miracle Whip on Wonder Bread and ate it as a sandwich.

(I'm having a conversation with myself.)


Happenstance said...

So weird, I thought I was already following you but then you weren't in my list?! Anywho, here I am trying to be good with my green tea and you have to go and post about cheese and saltines. So good.

Being Ingrid said...

American cheese is right up there with mayo in my book. But it looks like it would be something I could get down with!

Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

Well my dear you have just reminded us all how great simple can be. One of my favorite lazy dinners is just what you have in this picture, sliced apples, and popcorn. So I for one, certainly am not going to judge you;)


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