I choked...


Doesn't this artichoke look fabulous?

Well, it wasn't.

I bought that big, beautiful vegetable and couldn't wait to make it for my mom and Carson. Took it out of the fridge Saturday night, looked at it, and suddenly realized I had no idea how to cook artichokes!? I am no culinary genius, but I normally have a pretty good grasp on how to cook food. This artichoke, however, stared up at me like a creature from another planet.

What do you want from me, Mr. Spiky Plant?
Make me, you huge idiot.

So I read some recipes and was overcome by a surge of confidence. I CAN DO THIS! I cut the stem and trimmed the leaves and put it in a pot with olive oil, white wine and vegetable stock. I sprinkled it with chopped garlic, salt and pepper and Italian Seasoning. I let it simmer for what seemed like forever. YAY ME!

Well, it was NOT long enough because the meat of the 'choke was firm and crunchy. Next time I will follow a recipe until I have it down.

On to another topic... MY NEW CAMERA!!! My son (with some help from his amazing father) gave me this yesterday for Mother's Day! Now I can take pictures of food on something other than my Blackberry!! I'm really hoping I can read the manual and figure this thing out...

Don't tell my son (or his father) but I would have been just as happy with my beautiful homemade card : )

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!


Natalie said...

The Ocean Mist Farms website has helpful for tips for preparing/cooking Artichokes. Includes how-to videos!! (And I have to admit -- the reason I know about this is because they are a client. But really truly it is helpful...promise!) http://www.oceanmist.com/products/how-to-prepare/index.aspx

agalandherdog said...

That's a fun gift! Have a great week!

BAM said...

I do the boil and braise method. Boil the hell out of them then cut in half scoop out all the crap inside and braise like you did. Add some aoli and you'll be set.

Hannah said...

I am a pro at cooking artichoke. I steam mine...in one of those steamers you can buy at Rite Aid for $2.99. I did that one day because I bought an artichoke and had no idea to cook it. So I went to Rite Aid.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Oh I loove artichokes! I have never cooked one, so I admire your bravery. :)


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