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I'm sorry that I don't have a recipe to post today, but I've been eating a lot of the same thing and I am all cookied out. Also, I'm tired. Someone tell me how to get a baby to sleep? "I slept like a baby." Pshaw. THAT MAKES NO SENSE.

So I thought I'd share some summer things I'm into right now...

Watermelon Pinkberry. Just tried it, no toppings, divine.

Dippin' Dots at the Santa Monica Pier (photo). My boyfriend had never tried them until a few days ago. Oh boy was he pleasantly surprised!! Are there others out there unaware of the Dots?!


LuRuSo said...

I've been wanting to try the watermelon flavor for a week now - glad it is as tasty as it sounds. As for Dippin' Dots...well, they are the best part about going to an amusement or water park although how after 25 years they are still the "ice cream of the future" beats me.

LuRuSo said...
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Juliet {the juliet notes} said...

Ah, yes, Dippin' Dots...fun and tasty. Can't wait to try the watermelon Pinkberry. Don't usually like Pinkberry but I have a feeling this will change my mind.

Jenn said...

Chris had never had dippin' dots before I met him. One of the first movies we went to, I got some dippin' dots from a machine and he was like..."what the heck are those?" of course he tried it and liked it so much he at most of it!

agalandherdog said...

We don't have a Pinkberry in my area, so sad, but I used to eat Dippin' Dots every summer at our local water park. Now they sell them from a vending machine at the movie theater. Banana Split is my favorite!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

pinkberry is the shits.

i discovered a place in northidge that's the same idea (bc there's millions of them), just as good, and like half the price. i don't remember the name, but it is a total steal.


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