Hello there Official new Followers! Pleased to officially meet you! I am very excited about this giveaway. I plan to announce the loot on Monday, June 28th and to draw a Siriously Delicious winner on Friday, July 2nd. So wait for it!!

Also, next week I will be on vacation at the beach (WiFi included), so stay tuned for a beachy week of foods like Lobster Tails, Crab Cakes, Mussels, Seared Ahi, BBQ and things like this. Oh Summer, let's be best friends!!

But today is my boyfriend's birthday... so I gotta go. Check out the Twinkie Cupcakes I made for him, pirate style. You can find this decorating kit here. Happy Tuesday!


mangiabella said...

ADORE those cupcakes - ADORE you :) i presented you with an award, hehe, check out my latest blog post for more details....keep shining sweet bella

Andrea said...

Arrrg matie, the cupcakes are awesome!

Hannah said...

Why pirates?


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