I love you!


I love you. Yes, YOU. Reading this blog. And so, I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY! That's right, I am going to collect some of my favorite food related products and I am going to give them to YOU. Well, to one of you. The only catch is... in order to win you have to be my follower. Not in the 'Mother Goose/Baby Gosling/Do As I Say' sense of the word, but an official "follower" of this blog. So click the FOLLOW icon on the right, and you will have a chance to win oodles of joyful things. Stay tuned...

Follower or not, thank you for reading. Like I said before, I love YOU!

Photo HERE.


Hannah said...

Am I allowed to win even though I'm your sister?

Siri said...

Yes, Sister. Although if you are randomly selected it might make some of my readers suspicious. Let's hope you don't win. I mean, good luck!

Negativeangel said...

This Blog makes me hungry, This could be trouble.

Andrea said...

I'm a follower :)

Kelly and Sara said...



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