Dory and Nemo Cake


My baby is two.  That means she's technically not a baby anymore, but you mamas know we are always allowed to call them that.  She is a tiny comedian and when she's not making everyone laugh, she's being her sweet, concerned self.  "Jackie sad?  Mama doing?  Sorry Etta." are phrases she utters frequently when she's not saying "UPPY UPPY UPPY UPPY."  She LOVES Dory and often likes to claim, "I'm Nemo."  For her birthday, it was a no-brainer to bake fishy cakes and finding fish cake pans at Michael's definitely helped.  I went with good old boxed cake mix, because I decided I actually wanted to spend TIME with little LoLo on her birthday.  (I have been known to bake cakes that take me all day to finish and turn me into a giant ball of stress.)  

Do the eyes look a little freaky to you?  They look a little freaky to me.  And it also sort of looks like the fish have braces.  Or blinged out grillz.  I had to google how to spell that.   

If you care to see the other cakes I've created for my kids, check it out here.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday Lo Lo! Ahhh....Siri, your a great mom! You bake the cutest cakes also! 😘👶🏼

Kris Price said...

Totally looks like the fish have grillz,but, as always, keepin it real !

Kris Price said...

I just realized that there's already a "trach can" logo next to my comment ? I also realize that I should have used the term "keepin it reel." I crack myself up.


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