Baked Crab Dip


Our time at the beach is almost over.  Teacher letters went out yesterday, which feels like the first official sign of fall.  I finally started to register the kids for their activities, which pretty much makes my head spin.  So for now, I'm soaking up every minute of the sun-filled, routine-less days.  I'm also trying to eat as much seafood as I can before heading back to my east coast bagels.  Like this easy, delicious baked crab dip.  I found lump crab meat at a Gelson's out west, but I'm sure Whole Foods would be a good alternative.  This appetizer was a hit at my daughter's two-year birthday celebration.  That's right, SHE IS TWO.  Wasn't I just posting an absurd amount of homemade cakes whilst pregnant with her???  Is "whilst" even a word?  Did I use it properly if so?    

Speaking of cakes, I will share her birthday cake(s) tomorrow.  In the meantime, make this dip!

Recipe here.


Linda said...

Mmmm..... I love crab❤️🦀 I'll be making this soon!


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