Braided Nutella Pastry


Every summer while I'm on vacation, I try to bake something slightly more challenging (for example, these bagels from long, long ago... practically olden times).  A few days ago, I enlisted my daughter to help me with this sweet pastry that's smothered with her favorite food group: Nutella.  That girl has been known to dip her morning VITAMINS in Nutella.  One day she'll probably be a raw, vegan chef but for now, she would live off of gum and the hazelnut chocolate spread if I let her.  

{Side note: I obviously stress over her sweet tooth and lack of love for vegetables (I'm a human mom, after all), however, I also strive to teach my children balance.  Strict limitations are something I don't understand, because what's left is curiosity and desire.  Everything in moderation, including moderation (a wise woman once said).  WE ONLY LIVE ONCE.  The End of side note.}

 This sweet dough was delicious, and need I say anything about Nutella?  My daughter had a BLAST helping, and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  That said, I also didn't have my beloved standing mixer, and it's been awhile since I've kneaded dough by hand.  The result was a slightly denser dough than I would have liked... but I will definitely make this again at home because just look at how lovely The Baker Chick's fluffy dough came out?

Recipe HERE.

When you're renting a house and can't find a rolling pin...

My little helper...


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Chef Karen said...

I have done this many times using puff pastry! The best combo was Nutella and raspberry hot pepper jelly. Super yummy!!

valerie anne said...

Your rolling pin is perfect!!! And so is this recipe - definitely going to try it out. Thanks, Siri!

Linda said...

What an adorable helper you have!!!! Mmmm......yummy recipe!


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