Barley Malt Syrup


I'm going to make bagels tomorrow. This is a pretty big deal in my life. Shouldn't it be?? Making bagels isn't exactly a normal thing to make. HOWEVER, it is not hard! Just takes time. And... gathering the right ingredients. Most of which you'll find at your regular supermarket. Bread flour, yeast, toppings such as sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion flakes, etc. Then, there's the Barley Malt Syrup.

What's that you say? I said the same thing the first time I made bagels. You can find it at Whole Foods, actually. But the first time I made bagels, we were renting a house by the beach without a Whole Foods in the near vicinity. I tried other stores... and here's how the conversations went:

Me: Do you have Marley Balt Syrup? (Totally not what it's called)
Guy at Supermakert: Do we have what?
Me: Marley Balt Syrup.
Guy: What??
Me: Marley Balt Syrup.
Guy: I don't know what that is.
Me: It's Marley Ba... (realizing I'm saying it wrong) Never mind.

I will talk more about how to make bagels later, but I wanted to share this picture with you from the first time I made them. It is funny to me for 2 reasons:

1. That beer that I'm drinking there. I'm pretty sure it was before noon.
2. See that bowl next to the box of rice? My blackberry was soaking in it, in a bowl of rice. I spilled coffee all over it, and my son, which you can read about HERE. Rice trick works, by the by.

Okay, funny to me, I guess you had to be there. To be continued... bagels.


Ashleigh said...

What a beautiful kitchen. And beer. And tan. The olympics are starting here in like 9 days. I won't be tanning, or leaving the house if I can help it. I also won't be drinking beer cuz of the baby in my stomach. How depressing.

Renee said...

Love your blog!! You are laugh out loud funny....I'll be visiting often and trying out your recipes. If you get a chance, check out my humble blog at www.mealsforfriends.com. I'm a member of the Foodie BlogRoll but I don't know if my blog will ever show up on the featured section....sigh. Keep on cooking! Oh, and in this picture you also look like you are praying....funny stuff.

Siri said...

Thanks Renee! I'll definitely check out your blog, reading food blogs is taking over my life : )

Oh and Ashleigh - it's not my kitchen. Lovely, yes, but we were renting the home. So all of those framed pictures are of a family I know nothing about!

Ashleigh said...

Ah yes, now I see "renting a house by the beach". I'm still jealous. Maybe more jealous than before. ;)

Sook said...

Good luck with the bagels. I've never made them before but would like to try it. :)

Anonymous said...

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