Brussels Sprout Chips


Do you know what I consistently want?  Honey BBQ Fritos Twists.  Like, I want them all of the time.  If I could eat a bag every day without feeling guilty or disgusting (or gaining a thousand pounds)... I would.  And because of this, I don't think I've opened a bag since college.  I'm too afraid of what might happen once I taste that sweet and spicy crunch.  WHY IS IT THE PERFECT CRUNCH?  Nope, no... I must not go there.  Instead, I will make things like Brussels Sprout Chips, which are delightful and flavorful AND nutritious.  It is somewhat tedious, I admit, to rip off the outer leaves, but you can also slice them thinly with a knife for a similar effect and texture.  Check out this recipe if you would like to avoid Honey BBQ Fritos Twists taking over your life as well.  



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