Cauliflower Topped Shepherd's Pie


Happy March!  I was REALLY looking forward to this month, mainly because our February was taken over by all sorts of sicknesses.  I thought, we just need a new month... a month that signifies the beginning of spring, perhaps?  Then we will ALL be healthy and well and bursting with energy!  Right.  Last night both of my daughters had high fevers and kept me up all night long.  Thanks, March the First, thanks a lot.  

Oh well, I will not let this get me down.  I will be positive!  I will decorate my house with tulips and shamrocks and easter eggs!  (Who am I kidding, those decorations have been up for weeks.)  So in honor of these upcoming holidays, particularly the one where we all wear green and pretend we're super Irish, over the weekend I made a Shepherd's Pie that I've made before here, only this time instead of topping it with mashed potatoes I covered it with Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower.  Want to know a secret?  I'm eating it for breakfast.  Want to know why?  Because all of the photos I took over the weekend turned out blurry and I needed a shot for this post.  

The things I do in the name of blogging.  

However, it's a delicious breakfast, and it was a delicious dinner, too!  I really don't miss the potatoes, and I don't think you will either.  I do miss healthy kids, though, come on March...   


Lete Tung said...

It was delicious and distinctive look, you should try.
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Katie said...

Funny that you ate it for breakfast, because I packed leftover cheesy mashed cauliflower for lunch at work recently. I realized I forgot my breakfast at home, and my coworker suggested I just eat my lunch to avoid starving. Amazing suggestion. Your cauliflower recipe is a regular in our rotation!

shane said...

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Jaxon Dakin said...

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Gene Cooper said...

Hi, I made this today, with potato topping. No Guinness on hand so I put in a shot of Jameson instead.
A few days ago we wanted some Shepherds Pie. Thinking we still had a hunk in the freezer only to find none. So after two days I had to make it, plus could not let March go without some more Irish food.
Oh my gosh, this recipe is so delicious. Like you, it will be ate for breakfast, most likely for a late lunch/early dinner tomorrow also.
Thanks for your post, I saw it at the most perfect time.


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