Salted Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars


Oh hi!  Remember me?  My name is Siri and I'm the gal who (occasionally) chronicles my journey with food on this here blog.  I've been absent, but I can explain (or I can spew excuse after excuse at you... like we were in LA for 12 days, or I lost my camera battery charger, or I'm trying to prepare for the 8 houseguests staying with us for 2 weeks, or I'm feeling overwhelmed with gift shopping, or I've been abducted by aliens... I sorta wish).  What it really boils down to is that when we travel, I lose my desire to cook and I come home feeling like I'm in a rut.  But this weekend, I spent an hour online looking at my favorite blogs and they lit a fire under my tushy!  (I'm a mom, I say things like that and potty.)  This week and next week be prepared for seasonal treats and dishes as well as gift ideas!  Yay!  And by the way, even when I'm absent on here, I'm pretty active on my blog instagram and my new mommy instagram accounts.  

So let's talk about these bars.  I'm not really a pie person, but ever since I ate Pecan Pie this Thanksgiving from this glorious bakery in California I've been craving it.  So when I saw this recipe I put it on my to-do list right away.  Holy crap, these are insane.  SUPER rich but beyond delicious.  If you like buttery shortbread and rich, salted chocolate and caramely pecan pie... you will love this.  I topped mine with Vanilla Salt which I'll write about later on today.

They also refrigerate and/or freeze very well, and a little goes a long way, so these would be perfect edible holiday gifts this season.  The best kind of gift if you ask me.    


Holy_Food said...

Something new to try.!!
Sound amazingly delicious.!!
Thanks for sharing..!

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