DIY Vanilla Salt


Vanilla Salt.  It's a thing!  You may already know about Vanilla Salt, but I did not until a few days ago, so please do not burst my bubble of excitement.  What a perfect topping for cookies and bars (like these, in fact).  And it would also make a great homemade gift this holiday season.    

I followed this tutorial, however, I did not use Grey Celtic Sea Salt.  I do not have that in my pantry, and I didn't feel like braving our horrendous Whole Foods parking lot just to get it.  So I used regular old coarse sea salt and it turned out just fine.  Easy peasy!      


Christen said...

Wow! Looks interesting! I think that would be great on some big ol' chewy chocolate chip cookies!

ljrbjc said...

This is genius! Making this for Xmas gifts. Thank you!

Linda said...

H🙋🏼i!!!!! Everything at Maison Giraud I'd so 😋 Dang delicious!!! My favorite pie is pecan always!!!! Vanilla salt!!! I never heard of it either!!! Until now!😃 Sorta like when I discovered Sriracha salt ! Whop whop!!!!

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