Butternut Squash Meatloaf


I've made many a meatloaf in my day, but I had never thought of putting squash in it before.  However I swear, you can google any two ingredients and a recipe will pop up, which is exactly what I did last night.  By adding butternut squash (cooked in bacon, onion and sage) to this meatloaf, the flavors are off the chart.  And now I talk like Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  

I used this recipe and made some minor changes.  Instead of pork, I used ground turkey, I skipped the red pepper flakes (in case my kids wanted to try it, hahahaha, they did not), I didn't use an egg because I didn't have one (it turned out just fine), and before cooking it I topped it with a balsamic/ketchup combo (which I highly recommend doing).  By the way, I like to use my hands to form the loaf and cook it on a baking sheet vs. a bread pan.  I think it makes the exterior nice and crispy, which I love.  I plan on turning it into a sandwich for lunch.  Is it lunchtime yet??  


Christen said...

Oooh definitely going to try this! I love making turkey meatloaves (loafs?) and anything cooked in bacon is just amazing. I hear you with the kids picky eating. My 5 year-old should work for the FBI the way she can sniff vegetables out of things....

Rose Maria said...

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Sarah Foody said...

OMG !! what a tasty food it is :) really love this food :)

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Holy_Food said...

Seriously looks very delicious.
something new to try on this weekend.
Thanks for sharing.

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