The Perfect Chopped Salad


Moms and Dads!  Any tips or tricks for a baby who wants to get up at 5am?  Listen, I'm not complaining that she's sleeping soundly (usually) from 7pm-5am, but is it really necessary to wake up with the sun and the mother f'ing birds??  I feel like today has been eleventy hours long already, and yes that is my favorite made-up number.  

    Well, if I don't fall asleep mid-post or start spastically dancing from too much coffee, I will attempt to talk about my favorite chopped salad.  I am a BIG fan of salads with as many ingredients as possible.  Every bite is like a little party in your mouth.  I love a good restaurant chopped salad but it's just as easy to make your own version at home.  Throw anything and everything you have into it!  To me the most important thing is a variety of fresh flavors and textures.  Something crunchy, something smooth, something salty, something bright.  Another important part: chop everything roughly the same size.  No one wants to cut their salad with a knife, unless it's a wedge, because wedges win at life.  This particular salad has diced salami, crumbed cotija cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes (both red and golden), fresh corn cut off the cob, chopped up sweet red peppers, toasted pine nuts, finely chopped basil and diced avocado... all atop a bed of baby arugula.  I like to keep my dressing simple... a drizzle of balsamic glaze, a splash of olive oil and some freshly squeezed lemon.  Salt, pepper, done.  Goodnight.  Oh, the day isn't over?  Blarghdjskh  


Anonymous said...

OMG this is my kind of salad...probably because it has corn. But it looks so darn good I need to remember about it. I need to go back and look at it because, of course, I skipped right to looking and then typing and not reading all you typed - I hope it has a nifty, easy dressing...
(P.S. - another good Today show appearance with the handsomest, busiest guy on TV...)

~kris said...

Love, Love LOVE a chopped salad but so often forget that it's a nice, quick option at home. This summer I vow to make it more often! Thanks for the friendly reminder!

Linda said...

Yummy!!!! I love a good chopped salad, I made a orzo salad that was delicious last night ! Want me to send you the recipe?

little-girl-in-armour said...

I've never tried a salad like this but this sounds fantastic and I'm definitely going to try it!

Leslie Williams said...

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Anonymous said...

This salad looks fantastic. I like to make what I call a kitchen sink salad--everything but the kitchen sink is used. I start with a little salad-for-one bowl kit that I buy at the grocery store. They usually comes with some kind of protein and nuts, I always add either cubed fresh mozzarella or cheese shreds, whichever I have handy. Also sliced ham boosts up the protein a little higher. I love avocado too--it makes the whole salad lush! If I have some of these ingredients they might also go in--grapes, pecan, red peppers, Fritos, or hard-boiled eggs. It is the perfect size to split with my hubby.


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