Crispy Garlic Chicken & Broccoli


If a recipe boasts that it's 5 ingredients or less, I will make it, and this Crispy Garlic Chicken and Broccoli is just that.  Chicken breasts, garlic, parmesan cheese, broccoli and olive oil.  Salt and pepper doesn't count as an ingredient, right?  It was very simple, the only long-ish step being the roasted garlic (and in case you're curious, I made a ridonkulous "Roasting Garlic" video on Instagram yesterday).  I find it hard to make baked chicken breast exciting, but the sweet, roasted garlic and crispy parmesan cheese made this far from boring.  Paired with crunchy, roasted broccolini (or actually broccoli rabe because that's what I had), this was a meal I will definitely keep in my back pocket for those nights when you have no idea what to cook!  Like, um, every night?  

Recipe HERE.


Brooke Caputo said...

I love your humor,but I hate following recipes, so 5 ingredients or less really sounds doable to me. (And garlic....oh my love for garlic may be unhealthy!)I saw your time lapse video on Instagram last night, and thought it was super cute.

Leslie Williams said...

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