Chocolate & Coconut Bread


I find June to be a crazy, crazy time.  The school year is ending, summer is lingering around the corner and children are restless.  There are parties and graduations and there is me, trying to keep my head on straight enough to remember when lacrosse ends and swimming begins.  And teacher gifts!  This was much easier when I had one kid and he had one teacher.  Now, my kids are not only in school but involved in many activities and oh, yeah, there are three of them.  So yes, this is a crazy time, however I love showing the wonderful people who take such good care of my children how much they mean to us in baked goods form.  Is there any other way?  (Um, $$$) 

I've baked a lot of goodies from this "no knead" cookbook (seen here, here and here), and I've had this Chocolate & Coconut Bread bookmarked forever.  You have to prepare a bit for the recipe, because the bread needs a 12-18 hour rising period, but otherwise it's simple!  Which is what I love about the no-kneading formula: it's foolproof.  That is, if you don't burn the bread like I did.  I found the high temperature to be overkill with the chocolate chunks protruding from the bread (just asking to be charred) so next time, I'll turn it down a bit.  Otherwise, success!  Nothing can go terribly wrong when chocolate and coconut are involved.    

You can find the recipe HERE.


Brooke Caputo said...

Love easy recipes, but can't do coconut. Even just looking at the picture, I can feel the tiny shards of coconut between my teeth. Ew!

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