Radish Butter


Radishes are one of those things that you either love or hate.  It took me some time to really appreciate the peppery, crunchy vegetable, and on its own I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it (but does anyone just sit there popping radishes in their mouth?).  However, when you pair it with butter and salt and eat it on top of soft bread, it's something wonderful.  My mom has been doing that since she was a kid!  Trust me, you'll want to try this combination.  Recently I came across an actual spread with salty butter and finely processed radishes that can be served atop toast or even slathered over crunchy lettuce.  It's a simple, summery appetizer  and it's delicious.

A couple of different recipes can be found here and here.


ljrbjc said...

I think this looks delicious. I am one of those crazy people that will just munch on a radish, although I prefer to sprinkle a little salt on them. Living on the edge...


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