Oreo Layer Cake


I have had "get haircut" and "GO TO DENTIST" on my to-do list for months, and yes, the latter has been in all caps.  Finally, due to an issue with a tooth that I don't want to talk about (because Google has led me to believe it's DEAD), I decided that making a dentist appointment was more crucial than getting that long bob, or lob.  So today, I am going to see my new NY dentist and I'm terrified. Maybe that is because late last night, I sat and ate a giant piece of this RIDICULOUS cake and drank a glass of red wine.  BUT THEN I FLOSSED (for the first time in forever) SO EVERYTHING IS OKAY.

Our beloved nanny turned 27 this week, and since she is an Oreo-lover I wanted to find a cake that truly highlighted the famous cookie.  I came across this recipe and after realizing actual Oreos are layered below the cake batter, I knew it was the one.  Because I ran out of cookies (and because I was trying to make the cake SLIGHTLY less rich) I only layered them in one of the cakes.  This, cake, is, SO INTENSE... and so Oreoy, which should be a legit word in the Scrabble dictionary I think.  The Oreo creme filling and the chocolate buttercream are unreal.  I think my dentist will approve.     


Brooke Caputo said...

Hey Siri, iI just wanted to say that I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with this cake, I think I'm going to make it for my hubs on Father's Day since OREOS are his absolute fave. {With a rich chocolate or vanilla ice cream, of course}

Good luck at the dentist...hope your last minute flossing did the trick and you won't need that root canal! lol


Linda said...

Hopefully there are NO cavities �� sending good tooth fairy wishes!!!!!
P.S. This cake looks amazing!

Willie Kaminski said...

Place the Oreo treats in a substantial ziploc sack and pulverize with a moving pin. The pieces ought to be in little scraps, yet at the same time a bit thick, not totally fine morsels. Put aside ½ measure of the morsels for the fixing, then exchange the remaining scraps to a 9x13-inch skillet and utilize a fork to squash them up a bit. Pour the softened spread over top and utilize the fork to join, verifying that the majority of the pieces are saturated. Press into an even layer on the base of the dish.


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