Chipotle Bowls at home!


Who doesn't love Chipotle?!  (No, that's not a rhetorical question, I really need to know if someone in this world exists who doesn't love Chipotle.)  It's a magical place with fresh ingredients, quick service, salty chips and BEER!  There's even beer.  The kid portions rock, the guacamole is insane, and you can customize your order pretty much any way you like it.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we don't live very close to one, so I decided to make our own bowls at home!  

I followed this recipe using black beans instead of pinto (that I warmed on the stove with some chopped cilantro and green onions) and leftover grilled corn off-the-cob (with lime juice and zest).  Oh, and I may have gone to the restaurant to get their guacamole and chips to-go.  In case you're wondering, the Chipotle cheese is a blend of monterey jack and white cheddar.  Brilliant.  

What's your Chipotle go-to order?

*Even though I wrote their name 1700 times, this post was NOT sponsored by Chipotle, but hey, IF YOU'RE OUT THERE READING THIS, YOU MAGICAL PLACE YOU, FEEL FREE TO SEND ME COUPONS.  That was classy.   


~kris said...

We make Chipotle bowls at home too! The nearest Chipotle is an hour @ 20 minutes away. :( Question: I cook the black beans on the stove but really am not sure what type of liquid to cook them in. Typically, I just use a little water & simmer them very low so I don't end up with dried out black beans. Chicken broth? Lime juice? I season them w/ chili powder and cumin. All of it gets a hefty dose of fresh chopped cilantro & fresh lime juice. Yum!
I often "cheat" also & cook the chicken breasts on low in the crock pot so they shred easily by the time dinner rolls around. GREAT busy weeknight meal!

Anna banana said...

I like Chipotle too! I made a chipotle bowl once. It was good. The only issue was the rice needed seasoning.
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Cole said...

That looks amazing! I had a Chipotle burrito bowl for lunch today too. I'm spoiled - Chipotle is only about 5 minutes away from my house.

Karen Clarke said...

Gotta love Chipotle! My favorite bowl is steak, rice and black beans. Your posts are the best!

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Siri said...

Kris - I usually cook them in a little of the juice from the can over low heat! Good idea re: chicken in the crock pot :)

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