Frozen Peanut Butter Banana


Carson came home from work the other day and was raving about this easy recipe: a banana, sliced in half, smothered in peanut butter and frozen.  What a great thing to keep in your freezer for a sweet, savory, healthy snack!  I, of course, would dip it in dark chocolate, maybe roll it in coconut... but I don't know when to stop.  You should make this, thanks Joy Bauer!    

Speaking of Carson, I wrote a little something about him for Father's Day here.  If you enjoy, please share, and vote, or better yet... join the site and write your OWN!    


Christen said...

Seriously crying at my desk at work for your essay on Carson. And yes, you need to dip that banana in chocolate. Life's too short not to.

Anna banana said...

I would never eat this but this is an interesting idea

Anonymous said...

@Anna banana, how can someone with your name not like banana's???

valerie said...

I just love what you wrote about Carson. You two are so cute together on the Today Show, and reading your words about him as a father just confirms how much you adore one another.

And I love the banana peanut butter idea. YUM!

Karen Clarke said...

You and Carson are a match made in heaven! However, I've never been a big fan of bananas. My hubby might like this, though.

tamilyn said...

mmm.. what a yummy and nutritious snack! i absolutely love your food blog! i just started up one as well about a week ago, check it out when you can! :)


Unknown said...

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