Tuna Casserole + Fried Chicken


I had a blast this morning (as you can tell from photo above) cooking one of my favorite childhood dishes: Tuna Casserole (or Tuna Casserola as we called it as kids, don't know why).  I LOVE the traditional way my mom made it (with crushed potato chips on top, obviously) but I put a modern twist on this version.  Carson made his mom's Fried Chicken (which you can also read about here).  In case you missed it (or are interested in the recipes), you can check it out here.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's out here, I hope you have splendid weekends!  I wrote a little story about my mom here, if you'd like to read :)    

(Images by Samantha Okazaki, and Jumpsuit from J.Crew)


Linda said...

So fun, you're gorgeous! Happy Mothers Day!! Yummy recipes!


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