Bourbon Balls


Sorry for my lack of posts this week.  MY HOUSE IS FULL OF THE SICK.  That's right, The Sick.  I'm going to call it that, because it's so mighty it deserves it's own title, capital letters and all.  It started with one kid, and just as that kid showed signs of getting better, another kid went down.  The Sick likes to overlap, oh, and The Sick is many things.  It is a viral hacking/snotty nose in one kid, it is pinkeye in another, and a fever/barf in the last kid.  I'm calling them "kid" because I can't even remember their names.  I've lost it SO MUCH, in fact, that I threw out pinkeye kid's eye drops the other night, completely absentmindedly (which led to a night-long search ending in the dumpster).  

However!  We still managed to have a fun weekend celebrating the fight and the baseball and the hockey and the draft and the basketball and the Derby... which is where these Bourbon Balls came in (recipe here).  Oh, hello Bourbon!  These are not for kids (although maybe they would help sick kids?  Hmm...).  They are very bourbon-y.  But delicious.  And rich!  And did I mention the Bourbon?  (Recipe here.)

And finally... Carson and I are doing a cooking segment on the Today Show tomorrow!  It's a Mother's Day segment in honor of our mama's... tune in!


Linda said...

I like bourbon balls! 😃 I missed the segment this morning, I hope you post a link for me!!! Happy Mothers Day!!! Hopefully the kiddos are all better by Sunday!

custom essay writing service said...

This is delicious, I tried this yesterday but something is missed :D


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