Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies


I feel two things when I'm at the airport about to fly with my kids: relief and fear.  Relief, because, I've made it this far.  I've packed all the snacks and chargers and iPads and crayons and diapers and extra clothes and emergency lollipops and flasks of vodka (hahaha just kidding, or am I?).  Even if I've forgotten something (like the great Christmas Blizzard of 2010 when we flew from LA to NY without Jack's winter coat), the relief is still there because there's not much to do at that point (other than to feel like the worst mom ever and pull out that flask you didn't pack).  And then the fear.  The fear because of what lies ahead... five hours trapped in a tunnel with your small kids who might behave?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  Doesn't really matter, because you're going to be pumping them with those emergency lollipops and Benadryl (HAHAHAHAHA just kidding. Or am I?).  

That's how I'm feeling right now as I type this on my phone from the airport.  But what I'm REALLY here to tell you about are the cookies I made yesterday, the glorious, glorious cookies.  I've had this recipe bookmarked for quite some time.  Audra at The Baker Chick sure knows her baked goods.  Everything you love about a cinnamon roll and everything you love about a sugar cookie, at once!?  Yes please!!  They were delicious.  Thanks Audra!  And now it's time to board the plane... pray for us. 


Taja Fox said...

Thanks for the share! I can't wait to try this recipe. & it's simple too!

Jordan Napier said...

Wow! Your recipes are 'Siriously Delicous'. I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

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Itami-chan said...

I love your blog! You're too funny and I love these recipes. :)

Anonymous said...

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Steve said...

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