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I set my alarm for you.  Yup, I sure did.  I set it for 5:50am, which is a really weird time to set an alarm for but last night it made sense in my head.  You see, Carson usually leaves around 5:30 and I typically wake up when that happens.  On rare occasions, I get up too, and when I do it is the best decision ever.  The house is mine!  Quiet, calm.  I can leisurely make coffee and watch the news instead of Max & Ruby.  I can blog!  But if I DON'T get up when Carson does, I wake up at 6:40 to a whining baby and I'm rushed, frantic and GROGGY as hell.  So I set my alarm for 20 minutes after Carson left, cause someone once said that's the perfect amount of time for a little snooze.  I don't think it worked, however, because THIS IS ALL EXTREMELY BORING INFORMATION.

The point is, I set my alarm for you because it's been too long since I've blogged, or cooked for that matter!  I wandered around the market like a lunatic yesterday trying to get back into it.  After being gone for awhile, we needed everything, so I bought everything and then went home and stared at it.  Do you ever have those days?  When you either want to cook nothing or everything??  I finally threw a dinner together, albeit a random one, and these mushrooms were a highlight.

A reader sent me this recipe not long ago: mushrooms sautéed in pickle brine.  It may seem weird at first, but when you consider that brine is a combination of salt and acid, then why wouldn't you use it to cook with?  Just a few tablespoons in these buttery mushrooms made them divine.  Pickle brine and I are now best friends, and will go everywhere together...

These are also great, if you can handle how OLD this post is and how teeny, tiny the photos are.


AlliUF said...

I tried a Pinterest recipe that was supposed to taste like chick-fil-a nuggets and the 'secret' was marinating the chicken in pickle juice. I'm not sure how closely it resembled chick-fil-a, but they were tasty!

ljrbjc said...

Thank you for trying this! I will attempt it when I start cooking again!


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