Weekend Things...


Once upon a time, I made homemade Girl Scout Cookies (Tagalongs and Samoas).

Black Bean Brownies... should I try?

These I KNOW I should try: Cookie Dough Cookies.

Last minute Easter crafts.

If you don't know about this accidental selfie prank, it's very wonderful.

Finished this book recently and couldn't put it down.

I want all of these Avocado Toasts in my belly right, now.

Cake. Pies. Candy. t-shirt you should probably buy.

And finally, some weekend reading about how I sucked my thumb until I was nearly 10 years old, and if you enjoy the article, please vote for it!  


dunlapfabfive said...

I just read that book, too, ohhh it was so good. Impressed that you found time to read a real, adult book! ;)

dunlapfabfive said...

Oh, and, yes, please try the brownies as I am too scared to and would love to know if they remotely taste like a real brownie. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please make the bean brownies & post some enticing pictures of them for us! The use of black beans in a decadent chocolate treat is just too hard to imagine & only if it meets the approval of you & your kids will I attempt to make for my own picky little boys! Btw, your blog rocks! Thanks & happy Easter!

Kristen Norton said...

REALLY love your article! What a perfect reminder to shake off some of that pressure of being "by the book"...really appreciate you sharing that, and I totally voted for it and shared it with friends (although had a hard time finding the "Vote" button at the top through teary eyes ;)). Also love the shirt--cool Mother's Day gift idea maybe :). Happy Easter to you guys!!

Sandy said...

Most definitely try the brownies!! My daughter-in-law made a black bean cake and didn't disclose the ingredients until we ate it. It was fantastic. No chocolate in it at all, and yet, it was super chocolatey and moist!

Anna banana said...

Cookie dough taste soooo good that I would probably finish it in one sitting compared to baking it in the oven. VERY tempting!

Black bean brownie......i don't like beans like that so I would really wonder if the taste will come through the brownies. I've made black bean burger from scratch and it wasn't the greatest. Bean chips don't taste that great to me. My conclusion is I wouldn't try it.

Jor said...

I made black bean brownies a few weeks ago. No bean taste, but they weren't very sweet or fudge like a typical brownie. I might have used the whole foods recipe. A few years ago, I made a chocolate chickpea cake from serious eats and I really liked it as a breakfast food.


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